Fett Burger presents Solan

El próximo jueves 14 de Diciembre a las 20h estrenamos SOLAN por Fett Burger.

SOLAN es estética punk y de fanzines DIY que recuerdan a flyers hechos a mano para raves de los 70 junto a pedazos de lo que podemos ver en su instagram donde figuras en blanco y negro naïve danzan entre situaciones bizarras.

Fett Burger es más conocido por su lado musical y sus operaciones con Sex Tags y por no dar entrevistas, aún así en la inauguración realizaremos una breve sesión de preguntas y respuestas para hablar sobre su producción. Además habrá discos, fanzines y otros artículos de coleccionismo de Sex Tags disponibles. Nos vemos a las 20h con unas cervezas de parte de Moritz.

 ENGLISH extended bio:

Fett Burger is best known for his musical output, but the Sex Tags operation that he has managed with his brother Sotofett since 2004 is the accomplishment of a multidimensional artist. Taking the DIY attitude to it’s logical extreme, he has a hand in every part of the production process. He is a deft hand at composing dancefloor tracks, alone or with frequent collaborations, under his own name or an alias. He has curated releases by hundreds of other producers, whether it be providing early support to emerging talent such as Jayda G or Skatebård. He frequently organises club nights in Berlin, where he is based, and once a year collaborates with the Graff et Grill festival in his native Moss, Norway.


The parties, label and sub labels have a strong graphical identity, which combine the DIY aesthetic of photocopied punk fanzines with hand-made rave flyers from the 70s. Fett Burger expands on the visual side of his extensive music illustration with fanzines, exhibitions and occasional graffiti burners, all of which allow him to let his imagination run free from any need to communicate factual information. The Instagram fan page, Fett Burger Drawings, regularly publishes loose black and white sketches of naïve figures taken from bizarre narratives. 


We are delighted to present a piece commissioned and produced for the 33|45 Bar & Gallery, underlining the commitment that the bar has to the underground music scene. Fett Burger is not known to give interviews, but we will hold a short Q & A session on the day of the opening to talk about his output. Records, fanzines and other Sex Tags collectors’ items will also be available.


The exhibition comes before a DJ set at Laut on Saturday 16th December, presented by This Is Magic.

-Omega 3
dj fett burger